Hirotaka Nifuji
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Kanji 二藤 宏嵩
Romaji にふじひろたか
Physical Description
Gender Male Male
Age 26
Height 184 cm
Weight 70 kg (Approximated)
Personal Info
Blood Type B型
Birthday March 20 (3月20日)
Sign ♓ Pisces
Status Attached
Relatives Narumi Momose (girlfriend)

Naoya Nifuji (younger brother)

Occupation Office Worker
Media Debut
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Kento Ito
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Nifuji Hirotaka (二藤 弘嵩) is one of the main characters in Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii. He identifies as an otaku. He works at an unknown company along with his childhood friend/girlfriend Narumi Momose, Tarou Kabakura, and Hanako Koyanagi.

Appearance Edit

Hirotaka has regular black eyes and bluish-black hair parted in the middle. He wears a pair of high spec glasses (due to his gaming habits). He is tall with a height of 184cm and his weight is approximately 70kg. At work, he wears a regular navy blue suit and purple tie. At home, he dresses casually. For example, long sleeve shirt and track pants. He pierced one ear in middle school because the guy Narumi was dating back then had pierced ears.

Throughout the manga, he is commented to be rather good looking.

Background Edit

Hirotaka is described as an otaku who is obsessed with video games. He does read/watch a lot of mangas/animes and collects figurines. However, his main obsession is playing video games. Due to many years of gaming experience, he is very proficient in gaming. His love for games is intense, it is noted in the manga that "Without games, he'd die". His favorite genre of games is FPS, fighting, and action games. Narumi Momose was his first crush and he seems to carry a torch for Narumi ever since childhood.

Personality Edit

He is seen to be an extremely competitive and serious individual when he is gaming. It can be assumed that he excels in games. Similarly, he seems to be an efficient employee. In Volume 1 Chapter 1, he waits for Narumi to finish her assigned work. He commented that he is able to finish his work earlier than Narumi despite given two times more paperwork.

He does not really care about maintaining an image. He is generally not afraid that others will find out that he is an otaku. This is rather different, compared to his girlfriend and his senpai.

He does not have any problem socializing with people, he's just not interested. Hence, he does not have many friends.

He smokes and has a high tolerance for alcohol.

He prefers a voluptuous woman. This is ironic, as his girlfriend is not curvaceous at all. There is a particular chapter where he is rather bothered when he spots Narumi with an unknown guy. Eventually, the pair did get together and he actually confessed (indirectly). This is a breakthrough for him because he is not an emotional individual. Although he does not display emotions, he peppers his text messages with emoticons.