Koyanagi Hanako
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Kanji 小柳花子
Also Known As Hana
Physical Description
Gender Female Female
Age 27
Height 167 cm
Personal Info
Blood Type AB
Birthday August 28
Sign ♍ Virgo
Status Attached
Relatives Tarou Kabakura (Boyfriend)
Occupation Office Lady
Media Debut
Japanese Voice Miyuki Sawashiro
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Narumi's senpai at the office, she is secretly a famous cosplayer who usually cosplays as a male character. She also plays games and reads yaoi manga. She is dating Tarou. She works at an unknown company along with Narumi, Kabakura, and Hirotaka.





Kabakura Tarou Edit

Hanako is in a relationship with Kabakura Tarou, they have been together since high school. Yet neither one of them can recall who confessed. They argue and Hana sometimes feels like Kabakura might be just settling for her, but they both care for each other a lot.

Hanako likes playing with Kabakura as she once made him cosplay as a woman. She also likes playing with her co-worker/friend Narumi trying to take pictures of Hirotaka and Kabakura posing like in a BL manga.

Narumi Momose Edit

Narumi Momose is Hanako‘s friend. They met at work, but soon after realised they knew one another (due to Hana being a popular cosplayer and Narumi‘s romance manga). Narumi enjoys being with Hana because, she satiates to have never had a female otaku friend before.